Feb. 17, 2013

What an exciting week!  I had my last chemotherapy treatment on Thursday.  Here is a picture of me with 3 of the nurses that have been taking care of me throughout my treatment..Jana is on the bottom left with Christie behind her and Tracie is on the right:


I was sound asleep from the medications that they give me before chemo starts and they woke me up by clapping and cheering for me!  I was presented with a graduation certificate and as you can see from the picture….I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open!  What a happy day!  Valentines Day 2013…I am considered to be in remission!  February 14th is my cancerversery.

Last night (Saturday, Feb 16th), we celebrated the end of my cancer treatments with pizza and fireworks with family.  We were joined by my mom and Donnie, my little sister Amanda, Steve and Jayne and their grandson Conner, Robin and Chris and their son.  It was not the most lively party ever, but it was such a treat to spend the time with family and friends (who are like family) celebrating such a special day.  Nick and Christopher did a great job with the fireworks display.  It was beautiful.

Even though I am now finished with my chemotherapy, I still have to go back to Louisville this Thursday to have my blood counts checked and to see Dr. Riley.  I will now start taking the drug Tamoxifen and will need to continue to take it for the next 10 years to help keep the levels of estrogen down in my body to help prevent a recurrence.  Then I have 3 weeks off from seeing doctors!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey!


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