December 6, 2012

I went in for my first Taxol infusion today.  As I said yesterday, I was very worried about the possibility of a reaction to the chemo drug.  When we got there they did my blood work first and that came out good.  My red blood counts where still below normal, but where within range for me to go ahead with chemo.  My nurse then gave me my pre-meds which included a hefty dose of Bendaryl and Pevacid to go along with all of the steroids that I had to take in the 12 hours leading up to chemo.  These meds were given to help prevent me from having a reaction.  Normally, when I take Benadryl at home I can only take 1 pill rather than the adult dose of 2 pills because they make me so tired.  Well, the dose that they gave me through my IV was more than a regular adult dose.  The nurse put it through my IV and then sat down to to talk to  about the risks involved in me taking the Taxol drug.  This is something that they are required to do for the first administration.  Nick had gone to the kitchenette to warm up some water for his hot tea.  Within minutes of her giving me the Benadryl and the nurse getting prepared with her paperwork, I was so drowsy that she said she was going to have to wait for Nick to come back to go over the risks because she was afraid that I wouldn’t be aware enough.  So we waited for Nick to come back.  Once he was back in my room she went over everything and scared me even more.  But I had to do it…so I put on my big girl panties and said “Let’s do it”.

Once Christi started the Taxol drip she had to sit with me for 15 minutes because she had told us that if I was going to have a reaction it is most likely going to happen within this time frame.  I tried so hard to stay awake since she was sitting next to me watching me.  It was kind of awkward.  I did not make it the whole time.  I eventually had to cover myself up with my blankets and close my eyes.  I couldn’t hold them open another minute.  I slept soundly for about an hour I believe before something woke me up.   I resettled myself, talked to Nick for a few minutes, replied to text messages, and went back to sleep.  I felt bad for Nick when I woke up because I was not very good company for him today.  We normally talk to one another during my treatments..but with Benadryl that was not possible!!

I was eventually able to had home.  In all we were there for 5 1/2 hours.  The actual infusion takes 3 hours, but when you add on lab work, waiting for the labs to be run in the lab, the pharmacy preparing my pre-meds, waiting 30 minutes after getting the pre-meds, and then finally getting the chemo started…well, it takes a while.

I am very thankful to say that so far I do not feel any differently than I did before receiving the the Taxol.  When I was getting the AC portion of chemo I would already be feeling sick before I was even finished getting it all.  And I felt awful that night and for the following week even with taking about 16 or more pills a day for nausea.  With the Taxol I don’t feel any different yet.  The nurse told me that by tomorrow I will feel tired and will probably require naps for the next several days.  She said that by Saturday I will have muscle and joint pain.  But that should be all of the side effects that I get from the Taxol.  If so, this will be a breeze for me!!  So much easier than the AC chemo!!!  I can deal with fatigue and muscle aches since I had those in addition to many more side effects with the AC.

I am feeling so much better today mentally.  I am excited that I am one more chemo treatment closer to be at the end of my chemotherapy.  One step closer to putting this behind me.


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