December 31, 2012


I went to Louisville for my blood work this morning.  My mom, Donnie, and I left the house at 7,  After stopping for gas, we managed to check in at 8:09 am.  The long day started out with the fact that the nurse could not get blood from my port.  The story of my life!!!  This darn port makes me angry sometimes.  After having me in different positions in the recliner, laying me back practically upside down, arm above my head, coughing, deep breathes, and finally doing yoga moves and stretches….NOTHING.  They had to have a lab tech come down to the chemo department to stick me the “normal” way in order to do the needed blood work.  Thankfully the tech was good and got me on the first stick!!  About 30 minutes later my nurse comes over with the news that I will require a blood transfusion due to my lab results.  I then had to wait while they type and cross matched my blood to a donor blood.  This took a while.  In the meantime, the nurse administered a clot buster to my port just to make sure that I didn’t have a clot that was causing the problem.

Finally at 12:15 my nurse came over with my new blood.  I was hooked up and I had a hard time sitting there watching the red blood slowly move through the tubing into my port.  I honestly don’t know why I had such a hard time with this..all I know is that it freaked me out.  I had to try to keep my eyes pointed another way and not even look at it.  It made me a bit sick to my stomach.  Afterward I felt a little stronger..not quite as weak as I felt when we first got there.  Thankfully my momma took Nick’s place today and held my hand when she could see that I was upset.  It did feel odd to be there without Nick.  I did text back and forth with him the whole time though!!

Another thing that was low was my white blood count.  I need the WBC’s to fight off infection.  I now understand why Dr. Riley told me that I could not work right now due to the possibility of my WBC’s being too low during this portion of my chemo.  The normal range for white blood cells is 5-10.  My counts were at only 2.2  Because of this I need to be extra careful to avoid anyone who may be sick.  If someone is coughing I need to move away from them.  I also need to avoid being out in public in large crowds including going to church.  I need to wash my hands often and ask everyone coming in to my house to wash their hands or use alcohol hand sanitizer.  The main thing is to to avoid being out and about right now.  This is why me working in a doctors office is not a good thing for me right now.

On another subject…I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that everyone stays safe tonight and does not drink and drive!!  I also hope that 2013 is a great year for everyone.


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