December 30, 2012

This treatment is going so much easier for me.  I have been taking ibuprofen every 6 hours along with neurontin to help with the muscle aches and pains and neuropathy.  Dr. Riley told me to start taking it the day before chemo and to continue for several days after.  It has helped a lot.  I am still pretty tired though.  Nick took me to the grocery store this afternoon and even though we didn’t have to get a lot, and Nick pushed the shopping cart for me, by the time we got home I was exhausted.  I was also so cold!  We have been home for 30 minutes and I am still trying to warm up from being out in the cold weather. Other than minor aches and pains, I am having a little bit of neuropathy.  My fingers are not nearly as numb and tingly as they were.  When I type or text I can tell that my finger tips “feel funny” and when I try to button or zip up my jacket.  But…I am still able to do those things where as before I couldn’t button or unbutton my own clothing.  So this is a major improvement.  My feet are also a bit numb but not enough to interfere with me walking this time.  It is mainly my heals and instep and they just feel strange when I walk.

I am hoping that the coldness that I am experiencing isn’t a sign of anemia.  It is on the anemia list that coldness can be a sign.  That along with me feeling tired and fatigued are making me worry a bit about my lab work in the morning.  My mom and step-dad will be taking me to Louisville in the morning for lab work.  According to the results, I can either come home afterwards or get a blood transfusion which will take about 5 hours.  I will not know what tomorrow will be like until I get the results of my blood work in the morning. I am really hoping to avoid getting blood tomorrow, but at the same time, I am preparing myself mentally for the possibility that it will be needed.  Since my hemoglobin on Thursday was only 9.0 and blood will be required if I am 8.9 or lower, and I just received more chemo….I will not be surprised if they tell me I need the blood transfusion.

Nick has taken me to every visit except one so far.  Mom and Donnie took me to an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon to get an expansion filling and then on the same day for my “chemo brain” class.  Other than that, Nick has been with me for every single visit since I heard the words “you have breast cancer”.  He was willing to take me tomorrow also,  but I feel bad because he has missed so much work because of my surgeries, appointments, and chemo treatments.  He said that if I change my mind after I am there and want him to come up to Louisville to just call him at work and he will be right there.  He worries about me so much and takes such good care of me that it makes me cry sometimes.  He is a great husband.


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