December 30, 2012


I was told that my hair wouldn’t start to grow back until a month or two after I finish my chemo treatments.  BUT…I have hair growing in!  It is still stubble, but I have hair growing in.  It is coming in across the back of my head and on top.  If you look in the right light you can even see it!  Nick says that it is a few shades lighter than my hair was before…but he can definitely see it.  And I can feel it when I rub my head.

So tonight when I took my bath I washed my hair with good smelling shampoo!!!  hahahaha  Such little things sure can brighten your day!  It may all fall out again when I get another chemo treatment..who knows!  BUT for today I am doing a happy dance because this is me getting closer to the “before me”.


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