December 27, 2012


I had chemo treatment number seven today!  Everything went good with the infusion except that they again had difficulty getting blood from my port.  They had to lay me back in the recliner and but my head below the rest of my body, lift my left arm above my head, turn my head to the right and cough.  After doing that they were able to get blood to come out for my labs.  After treatment though, they were not able to get blood return even after I repeated the above actions.  So when I go back on Monday (another story), they will be giving me a clot busting drug through my port.

Another issue that I had today was that my blood counts were low.  This was expected.  Not a surprise.  My white count is getting low so that I really have to be careful about going out in public now due to the increased risk of infection.  My red blood cell count and hemoglobin was right on the border of me requiring a blood transfusion today.  My nurse, Traci, had to call my doctor and discuss it with him.  In addition to my counts being low, my blood pressure was also low and my heart rate was increased which all points to anemia.   You require a blood transfusion when your hemoglobin reaches 8.9 and I was 9.0.  The doctor had them give me a liter of fluids to help increase the volume of my blood.  I have to now go back to Louisville on Monday for them to do more lab work.  If my red blood cell counts and hemoglobin have dropped even a 10th of a point I will have to get two units of blood.  I was also given a list of things to watch for between now and Monday.  If any of the items on the list occur I will have to go ahead and call them and go up to Louisville for blood work over the weekend.  So…let’s hope that I don’t get short of breath with movement, feel like I am going to pass out, or get very weak.

Other than the port issue and the blood counts being low, everything went great.  No problems with reactions to my chemotherapy which is always good.  Beckie went us today so she got to see what goes on in my chemo pod.  She said that she thought that she was going to pass out when they accessed my port with the needle.  I don’t ever watch!!!  I watch Nick’s face and he usually holds my hand.  Today I watched Beckie and she held my hand as Nick helped to hold my sweatshirt out of the way so Traci could reach my port.  Beckie looked quite pale for a few minutes.  She was a trouper though!!!

I now have a turkey breast in the oven baking for dinner!  I will add green beans, corn, red potatoes, and rolls!  YUMMY!!  I am taking advantage of feeling good today since my side effects could start tomorrow or Saturday.


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