December 26, 2012


Well..another week has rolled around and I am due to have another chemo treatment tomorrow morning.  I am hoping that the weather does not get to bad over night because we have to leave the house at 6:30 in the morning to head to Louisville.


This first round of the weekly Taxol was not nearly as hard on me as the dose dense version was three week ago.  For that, I am thankful.  I did get some mild neuropathy in my hands and feet, but it was mild and to be expected.  I have been very fatigued up until today.  I finally start to feel better the day before they dose me again!!


I stopped in at work today and let Naomi know that it will be a few weeks before I will know if I can start back to work.  I will have weekly lab work done to check my blood counts and when they can see what pattern the numbers are taking and if they are coming up enough between treatments, then Dr. Riley will let me know when I can return to work.  It is frustrating because I was excited to be back to work, however, I know that I have to do what Dr. Riley says.  I do not want to go in with my counts to low and get sick.  This will just result in me being admitted in to the hospital and that is the last thing that I want!!


I also had to call and reschedule my first rehab appointment.  I was scheduled for tomorrow at 10 am, but since my chemo was changed and I now have to be in Louisville at 7:30 am, I had to reschedule.  I will not be able to get in now until January 7th because the therapist is going to be on vacation.

I then had to call the radiation department at Hardin Memorial to reschedule my radiation simulation visit.  It was scheduled for Feb. 6th.  And since I will not be finished with chemo yet, this appointment also had to be changed.  I will now be going in on March 7th I believe for the simulation visit.  At this visit they will do numerous scans to find out exactly where my heart and lungs are and make the markings on my chest and side to mark where the radiation will be aimed.  They will also make a mold of my upper body which I will have to lay in for each radiation therapy visit to hold me in place.  I am told that this visit can take up to two hours for them to complete everything.  After this, I will be ready for radiation to start.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed being surrounded by family and friends!!!


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