December 22, 2012


Thank goodness that the last two statements from Brown Cancer Center have said “Not A Bill” otherwise I would have had heart failure.  They are statements showing the cost of my chemo and are being processed by our insurance company.  For the month of October (2 chemo treatments) it was nearly $53,000 and for the month of November (3 treatments) it was over $72,000.  This is all on top of mammograms, ultrasound, biopsies, blood work, hospital stay, operating room, 2 surgeons, doctor appointments, anesthesia for 2 surgeries,  third surgeon that I forgot about..and misc.  Thank goodness for good health insurance.  Although I am a tad bit worried because our health insurance through Nick’s work is changing as of January 1st to a new provider.  It is supposed to have the same benefits as our current plan, but it just worries me because we are switching companies in the midst of my cancer treatment.

As of January 1st our deductible and “out of pocket” start all over.  Happy New Year!!


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