December 20, 2012

I went to Louisville for lab work, an appointment with Dr. Riley, and chemotherapy today.  My lab work came back good.  I am anemic, but that is to be excepted while taking chemo.  My white counts were also high which we hope does not mean that I am coming down with any sickness.   My red blood cell levels were high enough to go ahead with treatment.  However, because of the way that I reacted to the dose dense Taxol at my last treatment, she had to change my treatment schedule.  She has decided to lower the dosage of Taxol and extend treatments from 2 more to 9 more treatments.   So now instead of being finished with chemo at the end of January, I will be finishing up the end of February.  This will also postpone my radiation treatments into April.

Because of this, we will not be able to go to Pennsylvania to visit family as planned for Easter and the kids Spring Break from school the first week of April.  I am disappointed about this because I was looking forward to seeing everyone, but I have to do what is best for me in order to beat this thing called cancer.  We will try to plan a summer visit.

In addition to not being able to go to PA, I am now under orders that I cannot work for several weeks until Dr. Riley can see the pattern of how my cell counts come up after treatment.  Right now she had OK’ed me going back part time because I had treatments every 2 weeks and it gave my counts the opportunity to come back up.  With weekly treatments they may not be able to bounce back enough to allow me to work through it.  It is a waiting game right now.  I also have to be more careful about being around children and anyone with cold symptoms.


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