December 19, 2012


Beckie survived having her four wisdom teeth removed today.  She was really groggy afterward, but on the car ride home she talked a mile a minute and wanted to know why we couldn’t stop by her work to see her friends!  haha  She was so out of it and talking crazy, but she was still adorable!  She has had her pain medication twice now since we have been home and she is sipping on some hot tea right now.  Her little cheeks are swollen and she is hoping that she doesn’t bruise.  Overall, so far so good.

Tomorrow is chemo day for me.  I am so nervous!  After how badly I reacted to the first round of Taxol, I am worried.  However, I do have an appointment with Dr. Riley before chemo to discuss my side effects.  When I talked to the nurse last week she said that Dr. Riley would examine me and discuss my options.  They may either attempt another round of the dose dense Taxol, switch me to a lower dosage and give it weekly, or switch me to something else entirely.  I won’t know until I see Dr. Riley tomorrow.  Two weeks after the first round I still have numbness in my fingertips which makes it hard to do things.  My feet are much better.  I only have a spot of numbness in each instep of my feet and can walk normally again and can wear my regular shoes again also.  I do not look forward to the possibility of another reaction like what I had this time.


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