December 12, 2012


Nick and I went to my radiation consult today with Dr. Siether.  I will be needing radiation based on the small amount of cancer cells found in my lymph node and the fact that on biopsy, my clear margins where close to my chest wall.  With those two factors along with my age, he recommends radiation.  I will receive radiation five days a week for 6 weeks.  Dr. Siether also consults with Dr. Dragun in Louisville, so he said that he is confident that Dr. Dragun will recommend that same therapy.  I will still go see Dr. Dragum just to see for myself, but I feel like I will be taking my radiation therapy here in E-Town.  Nick also felt comfortable with Dr. Siether and what he had to say.

Dr. Siether went over all of the risks and benefits of radiation, and in my case the benefits will outweigh the risks.  I was really hoping to be able to avoid radiation, but if i have to do it, then I do it.


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