December 1, 2012


Friday was a big day for me.  I started back to work.  I just managed four hours..but it was an accomplishment for me!!  Now that I am finished with the AC portion of my chemo and I am starting to feel better physically, mentally everything was piling up on me and being at home all day alone was not working well for me.  My mind was thinking to much.  I had all kinds of “what ifs” running through my mind and I could feel some depression starting to sink in.  I really didn’t want to deal with depression on top of everything else.  So I thought I would try going back to work to keep my mind off of everything…even if it is for just a few hours a day.

Yesterday went well..all of my co-workers and the doctors welcomed me back and were a big help to me when I had chemo brain moments where I couldn’t remember something.  That happened a few times!!  At one point someone called and I answered the phone.  They asked for our fax number and my mind went completely blank!  I had no idea.  Not a clue.  I now have it written down on a card right by the computer!!  Another moment of chemo brain was when I finished with insurance billing and was going to walk them out to the mailbox to be mailed.  I had not run them through the post machine!!!  Thankfully Naomi noticed and said “Shouldn’t you stamp those first?”  And we had a laugh about it!  Thankfully she noticed!!!! was a good day.  It kept my mind off of stuff that I didn’t need to be thinking about.  I was pretty tired after only four hours though so that was a reminder to me that I have to take things slow and not overdo it.  I am thankful to work at such a great place with great people!  That makes a huge difference!!!


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