April 27, 2013

My husband Nick and I went away for our 21st wedding anniversary last week.  We headed down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee last Saturday. The vacation did not start out well to begin with.  Nick and I had the car packed and were ready to go.  I got in the car and all of the sudden I was not feeling well.  I went back in to the house and the next thing I knew I was having a full blown panic attack.  The worse panic/anxiety attack that I have ever had. After looking forward to this get-a-way for weeks, I was suddenly scared to be so far away from my doctors.  This fear just came up on me out of no where.  It look a while (plus anxiety medication) but I was finally able to calm down and we tried again to head out.  Thankfully, we were successful on the second attempt!

We spent the week hiking and horseback riding in the Smoky Mountains.  The weather was beautiful. We walked around downtown Gatlinburg and shopped.  We also met up with some friends who were also down there and went out to eat and for a drive around Cades Cove.  I am so happy that I was able to get out and hike with Nick.  I had been worrying about how I was going to do on the trip because of my lingering side effects from chemo.  Nick picked out some easy trails for me and we took our time and enjoyed the sites.  The wildflowers were in full bloom and Nick was able to get some pictures of the beautiful flowers.

We went horseback riding with our friends Carroll and Sharon.  Sharon was riding Cherokee, my horse was named Puddin’, Carrol was on Peppy, and Nick’s horse was named Ben.  Peppy was a retired racing horse.  Nick joked that he had to keep checking to make sure Ben was still breathing…he was not the most active horse out there!  We took an hour long tour of the Smoky Mountains on horseback and I believe that we all had a great time.



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