April 1, 2013

Nick and I will be going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week for our anniversary thanks to our good friends Stephanie and Aaron.  They have provided us with a condo for the entire week (Saturday to Saturday).  It is overwhelming to have friends like this who go out of their way to do something so special.

Nick and I are going alone…no kids or dog!  My mom will be staying at our house that week with Beckie, Domenic, and Miss Ladybug.  Nick and I are looking forward to some time away.  After everything that we have gone through for the past 7 months, I believe we need this time together to regroup and also to celebrate not only 21 years of marriage, but life, being best friends, and coming out on the other side of a cancer journey stronger that ever.  Nick has been my rock through all of this and I know that it has been stressful for him to not only watch me go through my surgeries and treatments, but it has been stressful for him to continue to work, take care of me (which was a full time job at times), care for the kids, dog, and house all at the same time.  Nick loves being in the mountains and I hope that weather is nice enough that he can hike and have some quiet time in the woods.

Stephanie..if you are reading this…Thank you.  This means more to us that you will ever know.  You are an angel.


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